LUWIST is a design studio that concentrates on architecture, interior, built environment, and things which has scope to spatial design. Founded by Lukie Widya, an architectural & interior designer with 7 years experiences that working on a lot of design projects such as for cafes, restaurants, and residences in Bandung, Jakarta, Bali and beyond.

Matters that concern on human-social life, aspects of humanist, social phenomena, industry, and business, the vision mission design adopted by this studio. In addition to technical things related to Design, Art, and Architecture in Industrial Design.

LUWIST, eager to practice spatial design by applying the essence of that vision. Creating architectural design, interior, and sustainable environment that will be applied to the project — our project, with the hope of becoming a real contribution to the social environment.

Jl. Ciumbuleuit 85
Bandung — Indonesia
Ph. +6287 7223 98700